The line is composed of two extruders ,mould ,forming unit ,water tank .The wall of this hose is consisted of soft PVC and rigid PVC helix as reinforced, featuring extrusion resistance, corrosion resistance, negative pressure resistance, anti-bending, good negotiability, so it is suitable to conveying gas, liquid and powder, widely used in industry agriculture, construction and irrigation, etc.
Key Features
  • General wall and ceiling decoration
  • Wall partitioning and ceiling conversion
  • Feature walls
Due in trock (estimated): 4~6 days

Machine description:

  1. The design is optimized screw which can achieve the large output and good plasticization.
  2. It adopts ABB inverter ,Schneider Contactor ,Siemens switch, Omron/RKC temperature controller Siemens PLC control system or touch screen .High quality electrical components can ensure the Electrical components ensure the  stable and smooth operation of the machine.
  3. Mold structure is simple which can avoid accumulation of die head and easy to clean.

Roofing tiles features:


Two layers PVC hollow Roof Tile
Width: 1050mm,850mm
Thickness: 1.5-3mm normally

Raw material: PVC powder, CaCO3, ASA

Using life: 30 years

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