LLDPE LDPE sheet is with the feature of light weight and flexibility,excellent tensile and tear strength.LDPE LLDPE sheet is widely used in the filed of contruction,waterproof membrane,municipal engineering,petrification and mining industry,etc
Key Features
  • Special screw design could
  • efficiently increase the plasticization
  • output up to 800kg/h.
Due in trock (estimated): 4~6 days


PC general purpose solid sheets are widely used for architecture glazing, window shield, interior decoration, sound barrier, advertisement and signage, security & protection, Industrial manufacturing etc.

PC embossed sheets are widely sued for glazing & lighting, canopy roofing, bathroom, partition & shelters, interior designing etc.

PC solid corrugated sheets, features with excellent weather resistance, high light transmission, light weight, widely used for roofing of warehouses, workshop, or other simple construction buildings etc,

PMMA board (Acrylic board/GPPS board)
Application of product: common PMMA plate is mainly used in the field of advertisement, decoration, art ware, escutcheon and specimen etc; the electroplated plate is used for plastic mirror; Light panel is used for ultra light box, flat panel display lamp of LED, poster stand and advertising decoration etc. LCD panel can be used for the display of computer and television.  Leader Machinery plate extrusion line is suitable for producing the PMMA or PC diffusion plate.


Sheet sizes:


Model 130/38-2200 120/38-1400
Product width 2200mm 1400mm
Product thickness 1.5-10mm 1.5-10mm
Extruder specification SJ130/38,SJ45/30 SJ120/38
Capacity 550kg/h 450kg/h


Machine description:

1.Dehumidifying and drying system could reduce the moisture in the material

2.Special long L/D ratio screw design could efficiently increase the plasticization.

3.Coextrusion technology could produce both single-layer and multi-layer board.

4.By changing pattern rollers,could produce matte embossing sheet.

5.Mould adopts cloth-cloth type of high quality JC-times brand.

6.Calender is associated with Servo motor and PLC control system which could achieve precise running and stable production.

7.Production line adopts Siemens motor,ABB inverter,Schneider contactor and Siemens PLC control system and Siemens touch screen.Reliable electrical components and special designed program could guarantee the machine running smoothly,save power and reduce the waste.

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