LLDPE LDPE sheet is with the feature of light weight and flexibility,excellent tensile and tear strength.LDPE LLDPE sheet is widely used in the filed of contruction,waterproof membrane,municipal engineering,petrification and mining industry,etc
Key Features
  • Special screw design could
  • efficiently increase the plasticization
  • output up to 800kg/h.
Due in trock (estimated): 4~6 days


Polyethylene cable tiles and boards constitute warning, protection and marker system for use in all ground conditions. Being extremely tough and long lasting they offer ideal protection to all underground services.
Each tile is supplied with a peg allowing strong longitudinal joining for uninterrupted protection. Produced polyethylene tiles and boards are extremely tough and do not tend to crack.


Sheet sizes:

Sheet dimensions:Width:150-450mm,Thickness:3-12mm,Length:1000mm

Machine description:

1.This machine could process 100% recycled material

2.The extruder is equipped with exhaust type screw and barrel which could ensure the vaporization of moisture

3.The film lamination device is assembled in the production line.

4.Online slitting knives could achieve different width of the cable protection tile.

5.Fixed-length cut precisely and automatically

6.Production line adopts Siemens motor,ABB inverter,Schneider contactor and Siemens PLC control system and Siemens touch screen.Reliable electrical components and special designed program could guarantee the machine running smoothly,save power and reduce the waste.

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