LLDPE LDPE sheet is with the feature of light weight and flexibility,excellent tensile and tear strength.LDPE LLDPE sheet is widely used in the filed of contruction,waterproof membrane,municipal engineering,petrification and mining industry,etc
Key Features
  • Special screw design could
  • efficiently increase the plasticization
  • output up to 800kg/h.
Due in trock (estimated): 4~6 days


The production line is mainly used to produce fluorescent tube, LED tube, PC tube, transparent twin-color tube, frosted tube and types of fluorescent tube include glossy, two-color, abrasive, sandblasted, photo diffusion and semi-cycle, etc.

Machine parameters:

Max.Section of Products(mm): 50×50
Drawing speed(m/min): 0.2-3
Power(kw): 20
Capacity(kg/h): 20
Water consumption (m3/h): 1
Gas consumption(m3/h): 0.15
Appearance size(m): 12×1×1.9M
Weigh(kg): 2000


Machine description:

The extruder uses high efficient screw with frequency speed control to achieve stable start of low speed. The temperature errors can be controlled within ±1℃ by imported temperature meter. Different extruders are used according to different raw materials. The water collect basin for setting table is made by stainless steel with top quality vacuum pump. The tractor is controlled by inverter. It can lift manually or automatically. The cutter uses overseas blade to position and cut.

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