The PVC wood door extrusion production line is made up of conical twin-screw plastic extruder, broad mould, calibrator, cooling platform, crawler tractor, transverse cutting machine, and unload frame.
Key Features
  • General wall and ceiling decoration
  • Wall partitioning and ceiling conversion
  • Feature walls
Due in trock (estimated): 4~6 days

Process line:

Raw material +master batches → mixing→vacuum feeding → material dryness → single screw extruder → single screw extruder → singlescrew extruder → color Line extruder → co-extrusion mould → calibrator → spray vacuum calibration tank → spray coolingwater tank → word printer → haul-off → no-dust cutter → pipe rack→finished product

Model Screw diameter L/D Extruder Qty


Pipe range


Capacity (kg/h) Total power


Line length
PPR pipe 16-63mm 65mm 28:1 or 30:1 1 16-63 100-150 52 18
PPR pipe 63-160mm 65mm or 75mm 28:1 or 30:1 1 63-160 120-180 67 22


Features of product:

  1. Equipped with polyolefin purposed single-screw extruder; it has the characters of quick plasticizing, high efficiency and so on.
    2. The specially designed co-extrusion die head is reasonable in flow channel, smooth in both internal and external walls, and small in internal stress.
    3. Pipe diameter is among 20-160mm and production speed reaches to 18m/min.
    4. One unit serves several purposes. It can produce common PP-R, PE-RT and PE-X.

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