Key points of PET sheet production line


The FIRST CONDITION OF transparent sheet production in PET sheet production line is the drying time and the control of hot air dew point. The drying effect directly determines the physical and mechanical properties and production of the sheet. During drying, attention should be paid to the control of drying temperature and time, which can be neither too high nor too low. If the dew point can not drop to check the situation of molecular sieve, the aging molecular sieve can not absorb the moisture in the air, it can not achieve the purpose of dry section, then it is necessary to replace the molecular sieve.

PET sheet production line should pass through this crystallization temperature area quickly, and strictly control the temperature of three rolls. Carry out traction and coiling. The sheet comes out through the pressing roller and enters the traction device by the guide roller. The traction device consists of active rubber roller and passive rubber roller. The main purpose of pressing the two rollers by air pressure is to prevent material from flattening the sheet when the sheet is pulled by the two rollers to the coiling device. In the process of PET production, we should strictly follow the production process requirements, master the drying process and the dew point of hot air, control the gap of the pressing roller and the traction speed ratio of the subsequent unit, so as to improve the production quality.