PVC Coil Mat Production Line

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PVC COIL MAT MACHINE The Product You will Get:   1 Usage Car mat,indoor and outdoor mat,bath mat,kitchen mat,etc 2 Dimension Width:1220mm,Thickness:6-20mm,Length:Cutomized 3 Weight 2.0kg/m2-7.0kg/m2 4 Back Layer Spike,Foam,Firm,etc 5 Color Single Color or Double Color,as per your request 6 Feature Waterproof,Dustproof,Flame retardancy,Anti-corrosion,Anti-shrinkage The Machine You Will Use:   Main Machine:   Auxiliary Machine: PVC Coil Mat Machine 1 Production line are...

  • FOB Price: Negotiable
  • Supply Mano: 5 anogadza pamwedzi
  • Port: Qingdao Port
  • Payment Terms: T / T, L / C, D / P
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    PVC coils Mat MACHINE

    The Product Uchava Get:



    1 Usage Car bonde, indoor uye panze nhoo, bhati bonde, kicheni bonde, etc
    2 divi Kufara: 1220mm, ukobvu: 6-20mm, Length: Cutomized
    3 uremu 2.0kg / m2-7.0kg / m2
    4 Back rukoko Spike, Foam, Firm, etc
    5 ruvara Color Single kana Double Color, sezvo pa kwenyu chikumbiro
    6 mamiriro Waterproof, Dustproof, Flame retardancy, Anti-ngura, Anti-shrinkage

    The Machine Muchava Shandisa:


    Main Machine:

    conew_ 组图 -3 [1]


    Auxiliary Machine:


    PVC Coil Mat Machine

    1 Production mutsetse nharaunda 40m * 2.5m * 3.2m
    2 akagadzawo chinzvimbo 260kw
    3 Power kunwa 190kw
    4 Line havukavu (motokari bonde mutsetse) 2.2-2.5m / Maminitsi
      Line havukavu (musuo bonde mutsetse) 3-3.5m / Maminitsi
    5 motokari Alcatel
    6 Inverter ABB
    7 Contactor Schneider
    8 Temperature controller RKC

    1.Adopting Coil Extruder pamwe Model SJ100 ndiko nani plasticization pane SJ90
    2.Adopting bigger gearbox directly connected with motor of stable and long-time service.
    3.Adopting P20 material T-die is of better strength than 45# steel material.
    4.Adopting 10m heating oven with full weld and thicker heat insulation material of better heat conservation and save large power consumption.Shorter heating time to save half waiting time and reduce material waste compared to traditional oven.
    5.Adopting SIEMENS motor,ABB inverter,Schneider contactor,RKC temperature controller,SIEMENS PLC control system,famous brand of electrical component to ensure long working time and global after-sales service.


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