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PVC ANTISLIP MAT PRODUCTION LINE   Machine introduction: PVC antislip mat production line adopts three-roller calender process width up to 2000mm mat and could get different pattern of mat by changing roller of different pattern.Optimized design and formula could help you to operate machine easily and save manpower and cost   Product sample:   Name PVC antislip mat Width 1220mm,2000mm(customized) Thickness 1.5-6mm Material PVC,CaCo3,DOP,etc Surface pattern Customized

  • MALITIA Price: Negotiable
  • Facultates copiam: V mense per occidere
  • Portus: Qingdao Portus
  • Payment Terms: T / T, L / C, D / P
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    Matthew productio linea PVC ANTISLIP


    conew_pvc antislip apparatus mat
    Machina introductio:

    Processus uero tres versus cylindrum calendarium PVC antislip Matth latum ad productionem 2000mm posset aliter fieret matta grabatto cylindro mutatione alterius ope formulae pattern.Optimized consilium apparatus facilius movet nisi ad pubis impensamque





    nomine PVC antislip mat
    width 1220mm, 2000mm (nativus)
    crassitudine 1.5-6mm
    material PVC, CaCO3, DOP, etc.
    superficiem exemplar, nativus

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